Ashton Gardens – Pavilion takes centre stage

It is now great to see the work at Ashton Gardens coming together and this project highlights the need for Councillors to sometimes take the long view sometimes rather than bend to public opposition for short term political gain.

Fancy taking advantage of the superb regeneration of Ashton Gardens by setting up business there?

Fylde Borough Council is looking for an innovative tenant to operate a café / restaurant in the Ashton Institute which is nearing completion and will be a centre piece for the historic park. With the construction due to be finished by the end of this year and internal fitting to be decided by the tenant ready for an opening in time for Easter 2010 this is a fantastic opportunity to grab a prestigious location for a new business venture.

 The Ashton Institute was an iconic landmark in the park before it was painstainkinly dismantled for storage. The regeneration of the park, amongst other major projects, is seeing the building being completely rebuilt as per the original plans, something that those opposed to the Gardens Lottery bid said would never happen! It is accompanied by extensive seating areas outdoors and currently has a license application pending, to allow people to have a meal and a drink in the sunshine. After discussions with interested partners the cabinet portfolio holder gave notice of her intention to withdrew the application for a “carry out” licence for the cafe.

The ground source heat pump which will provide the heating for the institute is also now in place.  This was another great example of working with a Town Council for the benefit of the community with the St Annes Town Council being able to bid for funding which Fylde Council could simply not apply for. 

My Colleague Roger Small, Cabinet Member of Finance and Resources, said: “The work on Ashton Gardens is extensive and we are all eagerly waiting to see the end result next year when it is completed. The institute was famous for being a focal point to the park and a place where the local community could meet for various activities. The aim is to recreate this to boost the enjoyment of the park. 

“The lease is on offer for the institute and is really a blank canvass for a tenant to enter and create a family friendly establishment that will draw in the crowds. The potential is endless.”

 The council is looking for a tenant that will use their initiative to set up the café / restaurant as well as welcoming community uses for the building and also work with the council to organise events in the park. 

The cost of the rental is just £18,500 per year. The building has yet to be assessed for rates but business rates as well as water and environmental charges will be payable under the terms of the lease. 

Anyone interested in leasing the building can contact either Gary Sams at the council on 01253 658462 or Shafkat Shahzad on 01253 658459

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