Time to concentrate on what really matters – stop the slur’s

Readers of the blog who also take the local papers will no doubt be aware of the recent negative campaign being waged by certain Councillors in their constant attempt to undermine and de-stableise Fylde Council. Recent comments made in the letter pages of both the Lytham St Annes Express and Blackpool Gazette do nothing but put Councillors in a bad light.  In a time of economic downturn, with people loosing their jobs, shops and businesses closing surely their are more constructive debates to be had both in the Council chamber and the columns of the local papers?

The latest tactic being deployed is the “rumour mill”  Apparently the opposition know my thoughts and decisions even before I have made them.  Perhaps a “senior tory” may be tipping them off?  I think not! Well they need to get their facts from the horses mouth as the latest rumour about me handing in my resignation is pure mischief making.  There is far too much to do and so many positive projects on the near horizon to be dealt with to be stepping down at this time. 

However as in any well run organisation the Conservative Group has an Annual General Meeting where it decides on it’s senior officers for the forthcoming year, if I decide to stay and more importantly if they want me too, I will be happy to continue working hard for them and the community.  Whatever happens the Community will be first to know about it, not opposition members!

Readers should be aware that at present political parties such as the Liberal Democrats and local anti conservative pressure groups are working hand in hand with so-called Independent Councillors to develop an anti Conservative propoganda campaign for simpe electoral gain.  These negative, personalised attacks do nothing but “turn voters off”  They may deny it, but I can assure you that those people (and we all know who they are) will be standing for election in some shape or form in future elections, against Conservatives. 

There is no such thing as an Independent, every one has a political allegiance.  The sad fact is, that in Fylde, those people who support the national parties of Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP etc think that they stand a reduced chance of being elected if they come clean about their political persuasion – therefore they stand as Independent or anti conservative as I prefer it. 

It’s time to draw a line under the recent smear campaign waged by certain Opposition Councillors, the use of the Standards committee as a political weapon and the constant mischief making in the press, it does no one any good in the long run.

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