Council re-opens Fairhaven Bowling Green Toilets for Summer Season

In 2007 the conservatives resolved to refursbish the  key public convieniences across the Fylde, modernising the key locations with new modern DANFO operated toilets, and upgrading and increasing the cleaning regimes for those exisiting sites that were deemed to still be accpetable.  At a time when local Authorities across the UK were closing their toilets Fylde came up with a scheme for joint working with Blackpool and Wyre which secured our commitment to Public Toilets at a cost effective price.

One site, where with hindsight , we made a mistake was with Fairhaven Lake. When we carried out a footfall excercise, the results showed that the greatest demand was for the toilets at the Stannah Bank Car Park end of the Lake.  With that in mind, as well as the implications at the time for DDA compliance and the poor state of repair of the units next to the bowling greens we decided to proceed with modernising the Car Park units and closing the Cafe toilets. 

However after two seasons it has become obvious that we need to provide additional facilities at peak times for visitors.  Therefore the portfolio holder for streetscene has been working with his team to find a solution. David and his team have and now these toilets will re-open during peak times whilst at the same time keeping the cost down for Council Tax Payers. 

I am pleased to report the toilets next door to the cafe at Fairhaven Lake will re-open from Thursday 30th July.  The DDA compliant toilets will still be the Stannah Bank units and this will be included in new signs.  It is vital that we provide such facilities and Iam delighted that we can, even at a time when Government is insisting that we shed as many Non-Statutory services as possible.  Although we have had to take the tough decision initially for closure,  Conservatives at Fylde are finding alternative solutions even when our budgets are tight.

I hope that this “relieves” the past problems that we have had at the lake and again re-enforces our commitment to ensuring that the Fylde retains as many quality services as we can, to help maintain the quality of place for both residents and visitors alike.

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